DYRTECH, is a company dedicated to the world of machining that has the ability to respond to very varied needs, such as the manufacture of tools, short and medium series, highly complex parts, high precision machining and process optimization for various sectors. . For this we have the necessary production means, CAD-CAM, horizontal and vertical center, wire cutting machine, auxiliary machines, measuring instruments …

After several years in the world of machining we have managed to evolve and perfect our way of working, using 3D design and CAM systems as a basic tool for programming parts, which allows us to save time and cost, guaranteeing the final quality of the product.
At DYRTECH we respond to very varied needs, among which:
– Short and medium series
– Pieces of great complexity
– High precision machining
– Optimization of processes

Dyrtech history


Dyrtech incorporates wire electro erosion

Although the year 2020 has been complicated due to the social and health situation, Dyrtech implements the machinery park with the incorporation of wire erosion in addition to the programming software for the most complex 4-axis cuts.

Dyrtech reaches an agreement with several vocational training centers

Dyrtech reaches an agreement with several vocational training centers so that their students can develop internships in our company covering different technical branches.

Dyrtech achieves accreditation in the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

With the purpose of improving the quality of the work carried out and achieving continuous improvement in all work procedures and in serving our customers, DYRTECH , after just 2 years of opening, establishes the bases of its quality system which has been certified with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard by the Bureau Veritas organization, thus guaranteeing quality in the management of all the company’s processes.

See Dyrtech Quality Policy



In 2016 Roberto Corredera and Daniel Izquierdo founded Dyrtech Proyectos y Mecanizados.

Dyrtech started 2017 in new facilities in Burgos, in the same industrial area of ​​Villalonquejar.

At present and due to their accumulated experience over the last 8 years, Daniel and Roberto have made Dyrtech a company dedicated to the production of medium-short series as one of their main lines of business, they also apply their knowledge in production processes and turnkey.

At Dyrtech, the customer is given their validated, homologated process and with the homologation of the part, an activity that they already carry out with molds.



En 2013 cuando cerró Sumbitec, se creó Garbitec en las mismas instalaciones y con la misma maquinaria. Roberto y Daniel volvieron a trabajar juntos al arrancar Garbitec, con diferente producto pero misma maquinaria. A diferencia de su antecesora no tenía un producto propio pero se fabricaban piezas para ferrocarril, eólico, subestaciones eléctricas, valvulería, automoción…En la fábrica realizaron procesos de producción, control de calidad, fabricación de utillajes y prototipos. Con herramientas Hitachi, los centros de mecanizado Makino, el sistema FMS, la gestión integrada y alta tecnología, Garbitec mecanizaba distintos materiales dando respuesta a necesidades muy variadas, que incluían series cortas y medias, piezas de gran complejidad, mecanizado de alta precisión y optimización con fundición o forja, entre otras.

En su trayectoria profesional supuso un salto importante, pasamos del I+D de un producto a la mejora de los procesos y a lidiar con muchas referencias.

Cuando los dueños de Garbitec decidieron disolver la sociedad, quedó una parte libre, la parte más dedicada al oficio: realización de prototipos, utillajes, diseño, pieza única… Fue entonces cuando Roberto y Daniel hicieron una oferta por el taller y lo compraron.



Daniel and Roberto, the two founding partners of Dyrtech, began to work together at Sumbitec, a manufacturer of hand tools that had a worldwide patent, with an interesting product.

In 2008, when Sumbitec installed the facilities that they later used at Garbitec, they did so in a big way, with the most advanced flexible machining cell in Europe. Finnish, German, English, Italian and Japanese technicians collaborated in its installation, with an investment in the factory estimated at 35 million euros. For these two partners it was an excellent R&D laboratory.

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